Firstly, ALL members of All families at Mount Bruce Scout Group are part of the Group.

When your child joins Mount Bruce Scout Group, so do you!

It is an expectation of the Mount Bruce Scout Group that if your child joins our Group you will be called upon to provide support for them by getting involved in some way or another - please note that this is not negotiable at our Group.

Parent support has been the success of our Scout Group.  Most other Scout Groups struggle for help and assistance and it is for this reason that many Group fail and close, not at Mount Bruce!

There are no paid employees at our Group and so it is critical that you get involved and ask yourself, "what is stopping you from helping out?"

By help we mean taking on one of the may roles within the Group such as;

  • Taking on one of the roles as a member of the Group Support Committee.  Please remember that by joining your child at Scouts at Mount Bruce you automatically become a member of this committee so the hard part is done, we will allocate a role for you within the committee.
  • Putting on the Scout Uniform and becoming one of the Leaders in the Group.  All we ask is that you commit to attend two nights out of four per month for two years and the Group will:
    • Provide all your training from basic to advanced
    • Provide a Working with Children Blue Card
    • Provide support/mentoring during your training
  • Becoming an 'Adult Helper'. 
    • Allows you to attend more than once a month to help with running Joeys, Cubs or Scouts
    • Provides you with a Working with Children Blue Card
    • Provides access to basic e-learning training

Please note that being rostered on as a helper from time to time or helping with transport to and/or from a camp or activity is support all parents are expected to assist with and is outside of the assistance described above.

To discuss this further please contact the Group Leader at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or head over to our Mount Bruce Contact Page and submit a request for information.