Linking and Going Up’s

When a youth member is ready to move from one Section to the next, the youth member goes through the ‘linking process’ and get to be part of a ‘going up ceremony’.  

The Linking Process 

When a youth member is approaching the upper age limit (Joeys – 8 years, Cubs- 11 years, Scouts – 15 years and Venturers – 18 years) the youth member starts what is called the ‘Link Badge’.  This usually commences three months before they are due to 'go up'.

The Link Badge involves the youth member attending the next section for at least four weeks and learns all about the next Section of Scouting that they are moving to as part of their Scouting journey. 

Along the way there will be a number of tasks that the youth member needs to ‘pass’ so that they earn their Link Badge and the Leaders of the new Section help the youth member achieve the Link Badge. 

The main element is balancing the family schedule to accommodate the possibility of attending Scouts two nights a week for at least four weeks, usually during a school term.


The Going Up Ceremony 

Once all the requirements for the Link Badge have been met and your son or daughter is ready to move to the next Section, a special ceremony is held. 

At Mount Bruce these can be held once a term at a location away from the hall or on a Section night or in camp. 

Before the Going Up Ceremony you will need to arrange to purchase the uniform appropriate for the next Section and your son/daughter can wear this on their last night of the section they are leaving. 

The Going Up Ceremony is a special event for all and we try and make it a memorable one for the family who can attend this event so do not forget to bring the camera and the relatives along.